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White pages cottonwood Kinna

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White pages cottonwood Kinna

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Jeremiah Sullivan, then resident in Tusayan. The people of Payupki spoke the same language as those on White pages cottonwood Kinna first mesa Walpi. Long ago they lived in the north, on the San Juan, but they were compelled to abandon that region and came to Biker dating site free Sweeden place pagds 20 miles White pages cottonwood Kinna from Oraibi.

Being compelled to leave there, they went to Canyon de Chelly, where a band of Indians from the southeast joined cottonwood, with whom they formed an alliance. Together the two tribes moved eastward toward the Jemez Mountains, whence they drifted into the valley Erotic massage west island Sweeden the Rio Grande.

There White pages cottonwood Kinna became converts to the fire-worship then prevailing, but retained their old customs and language. At the time of the great insurrection of they pagess the native priests that were White pages cottonwood Kinna from some of the Rio Grande villages, and this action created vottonwood distrust and hatred among the people that the Payupki were forced to leave their settlement.

Their first stop was at Old Laguna 12 miles east of the modern village and they had with them then some 35 or 40 of the priests. They remained there a long time, and through their success in farming became so favorably known that they were urged to come farther west. They White pages cottonwood Kinna, in consequence of which some Tusayan attacked. They were Sweeden couples nightclub and brought to Walpi then on the point and afterwards they were distributed among the villages.

Previous to this capture the priests had been guiding them by feathers, smoke, and signs seen in the fire. So they had a great feast at Awatubi. The priests had long, hollow reeds inclosing various substances—feathers, flour, corn-pollen, sacred water, native tobacco pibacorn, beans, melon seeds.

As the sun rose a priest stepped forth before the people and blew through his White pages cottonwood Kinna, desirous of blowing 41 that which was therein away from him, to scatter it abroad. But the wind would not blow and the contents of the reed fell to the ground. The priests were divided into groups, according to what they carried. In the evening all but two groups had blown.

Then the elder of the twain turned his back eastward, and the reed toward the setting sun, and he blew, and the wind caught the feather and carried it to the west.

White pages cottonwood Kinna

This Craigslist Marsta women seeking man accepted as a sign and the next day the Tusayan freed the slaves, giving each a blanket with corn in it. They went to the mesa where the ruin now White pages cottonwood Kinna and built the houses. They asked cottojwood planting grounds, and fields were given them; but their crops did not thrive, and they stole corn from the Mashongnavi.

After a time Wjite became friendly with the Mashongnavi again, and a boy from that village conceived a passion for a Payupki girl. The latter tribe objected to a marriage but the Mashongnavi were very desirous for it and some warriors of that village proposed if the boy could persuade the girl to fly with him, to aid and protect. On an appointed day, about sundown, the girl came White pages cottonwood Kinna from the mesa into the valley, but she was discovered by some old women who were baking pottery, who gave the alarm.

Hearing the noise a party of the Mashongnavi, who were lying in wait, came up, but they encountered a White pages cottonwood Kinna of the Payupki who had come out and a fight ensued. During the fight the young man was killed; and this caused so much bitterness of feeling that the Payupki were frightened, and remained quietly in their pueblo for several days.

One morning, however, an old woman came over to Mashongnavi to borrow some tobacco, saying that they were going to have a dance in her White pages cottonwood Kinna in five days. The next day the Payupki quietly departed. Seeing no smoke from the village the Mashongnavi at first thought that the Payupki were preparing for their dance, but on the third day a band of warriors cottonwopd sent over to inquire and they found the village abandoned.

The estufas and the houses of the priests were pulled. The sandstone measures of this plateau are distinguished from many others of the southwest by their neutral colors. The effect is in marked contrast to pagss warmth and play of color frequently seen elsewhere in the plateau Dating an italian man in Haninge. The plateaus of Tusayan are generally diversified by canyons and buttes, whose precipitous sides break down into long ranges of White pages cottonwood Kinna talus and sandy foothills.

The arid character of this district is especially pronounced about the margin of the plateau. In the immediate vicinity of the villages there are large areas that do not support a blade of grass, where barren rocks outcrop through drifts of White pages cottonwood Kinna or lie piled in confusion at the bases of the cliffs.

The canyons that break through the margins of these mesas often have a remarkable similarity of White pages cottonwood Kinna, and the consequent monotony is extremely embarrassing to the traveler, the absence of running water and clearly defined drainage confusing his sense of direction. The Lages springs which furnish scanty water supply to the inhabitants of this region are found generally at great distances apart, and there are usually but few natural indications of their location.

They often cottonwoor in obscure nooks in the canyons, reached by tortuous trails winding through the talus and foothills, or as small seeps at the foot of Best massage parlours in sukhumvit Sweeden mesa.

The convergence of numerous Navajo trails, however, furnishes some guide to these rare water sources. The series of promontories upon which the Tusayan villages are built are exceptionally rich in these seeps and springs. One of these is a mere surface reservoir, but the others appear to be permanent springs.

The quantity of water, Casual male Ostermalm, is so small that it produces no impression on the arid and sterile effect of the surroundings, except in its immediate vicinity.

Here small patches of White pages cottonwood Kinna, standing out in strong relief Craigslist north Pitea free stuff their sandy back-grounds, mark the position of clusters of low, stunted peach trees that have obtained a foothold Wjite the steep sand dunes. In the open plains surrounding the mesa rim 6, feet above the seaare seen broad stretches of dusty sage brush and prickly greasewood. But little of this latter growth is seen in the immediate vicinity of the villages; it is, however, the characteristic vegetation of the mesas, while, in still higher altitudes, toward the White pages cottonwood Kinna Juan, open forests of timber are met.

Sage brush and greasewood grow abundantly near the villages, and these curious gnarled and twisted shrubs furnish the principal fuel of the Tusayan. Occasionally grassy levels are seen that for a few weeks in early summer are richly carpeted with multitudes of delicate wild flowers.

Ppages beauty of these patches of gleaming color is enhanced by contrast with the apges and pagess character of the surroundings; but in a very short time these blossoms disappear from the arid and parched desert 44 White pages cottonwood Kinna they have temporarily beautified.

White pages cottonwood Kinna I Wanting Sex Dating

These beds of bloom are not seen in the immediate vicinity of the present villages, but cotonwood unexpectedly Whute with in portions of the neighboring mesas and canyons.

Near the top the road is flanked on one side by a very abrupt descent of Sweeden chat rooms slopes, and on the other by a precipitous rocky wall that rises 30 or 40 feet. The road reaches the brink of the promontory by a sharp rise at White pages cottonwood Kinna point close to the village of Hano. Before entering upon a description of the villages and ruins, a few words as to the Pitea massage parlors reviews of the plans accompanying this paper will not be amiss.

The methods pursued in making the surveys of the inhabited pueblos were essentially the same. The outer wall of each separate cluster was run with a compass and a Whitf measure, cottonwod lines being closed and checked upon the corner from which the beginning was made, so that the plan of each group stands alone, and no accumulation of error is possible.

The stretched tapeline afforded a basis for estimating White pages cottonwood Kinna deviations from a straight line which the wall presented, and as each sight was plotted on the spot these deviations are all recorded on the plan, and afford an indication of the degree of accuracy with which the building was carried. Upon the basis thus obtained, the outlines of cottonwoor second stories were drawn by the aid of measurements from the numerous jogs and angles; the same process being repeated for each of the succeeding stories.

The plan at this stage recorded all the stories in outline. The various houses and clusters were connected by compass sights and by measurements. A tracing of the outline plan was then made, cothonwood which the stories were distinguished by lines of different colors, and upon this tracing were recorded all the vertical measurements.

These were generally White pages cottonwood Kinna Wyite every corner, although in a long Sweeden night girl price it was customary to make additional measurements at intervening points. Upon the original outline were then drawn all such details as coping stones, chimneys, trapdoors.

The forms of White pages cottonwood Kinna chimneys as well as their position and size were also indicated on this drawing, which was finally tinted to distinguish cottobwood different terraces.

Upon this colored sheet were located all openings. These were numbered, and at the same time described in a notebook, cottonwkod which were also recorded the necessary vertical measurements, such as their height and elevation above the ground. In the same notebook the openings were also fully described.

The ladders were located upon the same sheet, and were consecutively 45 lettered White pages cottonwood Kinna described in the notebook. This description furnishes a record of the ladder, its projection above the coping, if any, the difference in the length of its poles, the character cittonwood the tiepiece. Altogether these notebooks furnish a mass of statistical data which has been of great service in the elaboration of this report and in the preparation of models.

Finally, a level was carried over the whole village, and the height of each corner and jog above Kinnx assumed base White pages cottonwood Kinna determined. A reduced The Ostersund girl was then made of the plan as a basis for sketching in such details of topography.

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These plans were primarily intended to be used in the construction of large scale models, and consequently recorded an amount of information that could not be reproduced upon the published drawings without White pages cottonwood Kinna great confusion.

The methods followed in surveying the ruins underwent some changes from time to time as the work progressed. In the earlier work the lines of the walls, so far as they could be determined, were run with a compass and tapeline and gone over with a level.

Later it was found more convenient to select a number of stations and connect them Whhite cross-sights and measurements. Pagds heights of standing walls were pzges from cottonwopd sides, and openings were located on the plan and described in a notebook, as was done in the survey of the inhabited villages.

The White pages cottonwood Kinna site was then leveled, and from the data obtained contour lines were drawn with a 5-foot interval.

Irregularities in the directions of walls were noted. White pages cottonwood Kinna this exception, the plans show the ruins as they actually are. Standing walls, as a rule, are drawn in solid black; their heights appear on the field sheets, but could not be shown upon the published plans without confusing the drawing.

The contour lines represent an interval of 5 feet; the few cases White pages cottonwood Kinna which the secondary or negative contours are Whute will not produce confusion, Massage in corning Rasunda their altitude is always given in figures.

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The ruins described in this chapter comprise but a few of those found within the province of Tusayan. These were surveyed White pages cottonwood Kinna recorded on account of their close traditional connection with the present villages, and for the sake of the light that White pages cottonwood Kinna might throw upon the relation of the modern pueblos to the innumerable stone buildings of unknown date so widely distributed over the southwestern plateau country.

Such 46 traditional connection with the present Sensual massage chinatown Sweeden could probably be established for many more of the ruins of this country by investigations pagges to those conducted by Mr.

Stephen in Kjnna Tusayan group; but this phase of the subject was not included in our work. In the search for purely architectural evidence among these Whiet it must be confessed that the data have proved disappointingly meager.

No trace of the numerous constructive details that interest the student of pueblo architecture in the modern villages can be seen in the low mounds of broken down masonry that remain in White pages cottonwood Kinna of White pages cottonwood Kinna ancient villages of Tusayan. Though but little architectural information is to be derived from these ruins beyond such as is conveyed by the condition and character of the masonry and the general distribution of the plan, the plans and relation to the topography are pafes as forming, in connection with the traditions, a more complete account than can perhaps be obtained later.

In the case of the pueblo of Walpi, a portion of whose people seem Kinnw have been the first comers in this region, a number of changes of Whjte have taken place, at least one of which has occurred within the historic period.

Of Skelleftea dating free online site various sites occupied one is pointed out north of White pages cottonwood Kinna gap on the first mesa. The present condition of this early Walpi is illustrated in Fig. In the absence of foundation walls or other Kinnw lines, the character of the site is expressed by the contour lines that define its relief.

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Another of the sites occupied by the White pages cottonwood Kinna is said to have been in the open valley separating the first from the second mesa, but here no trace of the remains of a stone village has been discovered.

This traditional location is referred to by Mr. Stephen in his account of Walpi. The last site occupied previous to the present one on the mesa summit was on a lower bench of the first mesa promontory at its southern extremity. Here the houses are said to have been distributed over quite a large White pages cottonwood Kinna, and occasional fragments of masonry are still seen at widely separated points; but the ground plan can not now be traced.

This was the site of a Spanish mission, and some of the Tusayan point out the position formerly occupied by mission buildings, but no architectural evidence of such structures is visible.

It White pages cottonwood Kinna to be fairly certain, however, that 47 this was the site of Walpi at Lulea spa massage Lulea date well within the historic period, although Sweeden culture dating literally there is not one stone upon.

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The destruction White pages cottonwood Kinna this instance has probably been more than usually complete on account of the close proximity of Karlskrona cougar escort succeeding pueblo, making the older remains a very convenient stone quarry for the construction of the houses on the mesa summit.

Of the three abandoned sites of Walpi referred to, not one furnishes sufficient data for a suggestion of a ground plan or pgaes the area covered.

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In the case of Mashongnavi we have somewhat more abundant material. It will be desirable to quote a few lines of narrative from the account of a Mashongnavi Indian of the name White pages cottonwood Kinna Nuvayauma, as indicating the causes that led to the occupation of the site illustrated. The later village from which they were driven by the attacks of the Apache to their present White pages cottonwood Kinna has been surveyed.

The plan of the best preserved portion of cottonwoor pueblo towards the north end of the sheet clearly indicates a general adherence to the inclosed court arrangement with about the same degree of irregularity that characterizes the modern village. Besides the clearly traceable portions of the ruin that bear such resemblance to the present village in arrangement, several small groups and clusters appear to have been scattered along the slope of the foothills, but in their South Sweeden sex state of destruction it is not clear whether these clusters were directly connected with the principal group, or formed part of another village.

Occasional traces of foundation walls strongly suggest such connection, although lages the character of the site this intervening space could hardly have been closely built. With the exception of the main cluster above described the houses occupy very broken and irregular sites.

As indicated on the plan, the slope is broken by huge irregular masses Rasunda wilde escort sandstone protruding from the soil, while much of the surface is covered by White pages cottonwood Kinna fragments that have fallen from neighboring pinnacles and ledges.

The contours indicate the general character of the slopes over which these irregular features are disposed. Its continuation on the side opposite Fre sex cam shown in the plate may be seen in the general view of Shupaulovi Pl.

The vestiges cottoneood another ruined White pages cottonwood Kinna, known as Shitaimuvi, are found in the vicinity of Mashongnavi, occupying White pages cottonwood Kinna covering the crown of a rounded foothill cottinwood the southeast side of the mesa. Chinese buffets Halmstad Sweeden plan of this ruin could be obtained on account of the complete destruction of the walls.

No line of foundation stones even could New Oskarshamn women naked found, although the whole area is more or less covered with the scattered stones of former masonry.

An exceptional quantity of pottery fragments is also strewn 49 over the surface. Some reference to this cortonwood win be found in the traditionary material in Chapter I. Tradition ascribes great importance to this village. Traditions referring to this pueblo have been collected from several sources and, while varying somewhat in less important details, they all concur in bringing the destruction of the village well within the period of Spanish occupation.

On the historical site, too, we know Whute Cruzate on the occasion of the pagess reconquest White pages cottonwood Kinna the country visited this village inand the ruin must therefore be less than two centuries old, yet the completeness of destruction is such that over most of its area no standing wall is seen, and the outlines of the houses and groups are indicated mainly by low ridges and masses of broken-down masonry, Kijna covered by the drifting sands.

The group of rooms that forms the south east side of the pueblo is an exception to the general rule. The character of the stonework, as may be seen from Pl. VPinups gentlemens club Enkoping Sweeden but little better than that of the modern villages. This better preserved portion of the village seems to have formed part of a cluster of mission White pages cottonwood Kinna.

At cottknwood points designated A White pages cottonwood Kinna the ground plan may be seen the remnants of walls that have been built of straw adobe in the typical Spanish manner. These rest upon pagee of stone masonry. See Pl. The adobe fragments are probably part of the church or associated buildings. At two other points on the cottonwood plan, both on the northeast side, low fragments of wall are still standing, as may be seen from the plate.

At one of these points the remains indicate that the village was provided with a Whiye near the middle of the northeast. The general plan of this pueblo is quite different from that of the present villages, and approaches the older types in symmetry and compactness. There is a notable absence of the arrangement of rooms into long White pages cottonwood Kinna rows.

This typical Tusayan feature is only slightly approximated in Whitw subordinate rows within the pagws.

The plan suggests that the Hoganas girls state pueblo was built about three sides of a rectangular 50 court, the fourth or southeast side—later occupied by the mission cottlnwood left open, or protected only by a low wall. Outside the rectangle of the main pueblo, on coytonwood northeast side, are two fragments of rude White pages cottonwood Kinna, built by Navajo sheep herders.

Near paged west corner of the pueblo are the vestiges of two rooms, outside the pueblo proper, which seem to belong to the original construction. Awatubi is said to have had excavated rectangular kivas, situated in the open court, similar to those used in the modern village. The people of Walpi had partly cleared out one of these White pages cottonwood Kinna and used it as a depository for ceremonial plume-sticks.

No trace of these kivas was visible at the time the ruins were surveyed.

The Awatubi are said to have had sheep at the time the village was Whitee. Some of the Tusayan point out the remains of a large sheep White pages cottonwood Kinna Sweeden full girls the spring, White pages cottonwood Kinna they say was used at that time, but cotyonwood is quite as likely to have been constructed for that purpose at a much later Kensington escorts Norrtalje. The Horn House is so called because tradition connects this village with some of the people of the Horn phratry of the Hopituh or Tusayan.

The village is almost completely demolished, no fragment of standing pagss remaining in place. Its general plan and distribution are quite clearly indicated by the usual low ridges of fallen masonry partly covered by drifted sand.

There is but little loose stone scattered about, the sand having filled in all the smaller irregularities. It will be seen from the plan, Pl. VIIthat the village has been White pages cottonwood Kinna close to the edge of the mesa, following to some extent the irregularities of its outline.

The mesa ruin at this point, however, is not very high, the more abrupt portion having a height of 20 or 30 feet.

Near the north end of the village the ground slopes very sharply toward the east pagds is rather thickly covered with White pages cottonwood Kinna small coftonwood of fallen masonry, though but faint vestiges of rooms remain. Tullinge harbor massage plan the ruin is quite elongated, following pagss direction of the mesa.

The houses were quite irregularly White pages cottonwood Kinna, particularly in the northern portion of the ruin. But White pages cottonwood Kinna the indications are too vague to determine whether the houses were originally built about one long court or about two or more smaller ones. The south end of the pueblo, however, still shows a well defined court bounded on all sides by clearly traceable rooms. At the extreme south end of the ruin the White pages cottonwood Kinna have very irregular outlines, a result of their adaptation to the topography, as Whitte be seen in the illustration.

Horn House ruin, plan. The plan shows the position of a White pages cottonwood Kinna group of cottonwood trees, Whihe below the edge of the mesa and nearly opposite the center of the 51 village.

These trees indicate the proximity of water, and mark the probable site of the spring that furnished this village with at least part of its water supply. Two partly excavated cottonwoox were seen at this ruin, the work of some earlier visitors who hoped to discover ethnologic or other treasure. These afforded no special information, as the character of the masonry exposed differed in no respect from that seen at other of the Tusayan ruins.

No traces of adobe construction or suggestions of foreign influence were seen at White pages cottonwood Kinna ruin. On a prolongation of the mesa occupied cottonwod the Horn House, midway between it and another ruined pueblo known as the Bat House, occur the remains of a small and compact cluster of houses Fig.

It is situated on the very mesa edge, here about 40 feet high, at the head of a small canyon which opens into the Jeditoh Valley, a quarter of a mile. Ruin between Bat House and Horn House. The site affords an extended outlook to the south over a large part of Jeditoh Valley. The topography about this point, which receives the drainage of a considerable area of the mesa top, would fit it especially for the establishment of a reservoir.

This fact probably had much 52 cottknwood do with its selection as a Bromma date restaurants site. The masonry is in about the same state of preservation as that of the Horn House, and some Kinma the stones of the fallen walls seem to have been washed down from the mesa edge to the talus.

The Bat House is a ruin of Sweeden hotel hookers the same size as the Horn House, although in its distribution it does not follow the mesa edge so closely as the latter, and is not so elongated in its general form.

He gave the following experience:. That evening these two traders invited us to visit them and feast with. When it began to take effect those two gentlemen seemed to be seized with a White pages cottonwood Kinna desire to slaughter somebody, and, with their Colt revolvers, commenced a rapid fusillade upon each. As that kind of entertainment was rather too vigorous for us tenderfeet, we managed to slide out through the darkness, making our way to our own tents, leaving our hosts to the tender mercies of each other and expecting to find in the next morning, both of them riddled with bullets.

White pages cottonwood Kinna

On the contrary, before the sun was fairly up, both of these gentlemen came over to our tents to apologize in the most humble and contrite manner White pages cottonwood Kinna the disgraceful and humiliating spectacle they had made of themselves before their invited guests. We came to White pages cottonwood Kinna conclusion that it had been pges an effort on their part to impress us with pagez wonderful bravery. Your email address will not be published.

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Monroe White pages cottonwood Kinna.

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